Monday, April 27, 2009

Keyboard Lesson

Clif, Walukcha and Pen

Saturday night we have had good time with our tutorial classes in their English lesson. Right after we taught them the parent of the kids asked my hubby what brand of the keyboard they are going to buy. My hubby told them to just buy the cheapest one, just only for practice and they can buy expensive later when they can play already. In our surprised when we went to their study room!! we saw a huge and nice Casio piano. We asked right away the mother why they got the expensive piano. She said because her husband want to learn also.. Hahahaha.. It sounds like my hubby is going to be busy! The father of the kids is also interested to study!!! Way back year 90s, I played keyboard but I have to use the keyboard of my Kuya Nemrod, I can't play to any other keyboard! sounds funny! Now i don't know if i can still play... My hubby started his keyboard lesson teaching with the two little kids students last Sunday. I went with him so I can also see and learn while he teach them. Well, I enjoyed watching them. The kids are very interested to learn, they're musician!!. While my hubby teach the older sister I tried to have had voice lesson to the younger one so she can sing and play. Isn't that fun? if you like to learn just give a buzz!! hahahaha... Keyboard lesson or Voice lesson!!!


Genejosh said...

My, hands-up for voice much is the fee?

anyway mommy, head on to this URL's giving free blog lay-out like mine..all you need to do is make a monday nya idraw ang winners...hope you'll win!

janet said...

i am going to go for piano lessons soon. i really wanna play piano. glad to know you all can play.