Thursday, April 11, 2013


The University is close for 5 days due to the Songkhran celebration, but of course I can not rest I thought I can have bonding with my kiddos, Well, I have to teach for two days replacing Xiang to a Songserm School,  It is an Islam school. I am a bit excited because the students are very smart and good in English. I just have to prepare a lot of activities. I just wanted to make my break fruitful and progressive while my  hubby is away.

God speed


Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Praising God for today because He is really wonderful and amazing God.
I just received my tax refund. Regarding tax  in Thailand, I think they process it so quickly, I did not expect that I can get my refund that fast. I filed my tax second week of March. Usually, they will send it second week of May or even end of May but now I have it in my hand,  I feel it so quick process. I am sure God is giving me favour again because He knows our needs. 
I really thank to our God because He provides our needs on time. Thank you Lord for the immediate answer. 

MGM Pakasi

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I enjoy watching them

Tirzah Hope my niece

Click this and wacth the trending.., Gwiyomi

 Rhoda Myhrr

I enjoy this I like to have one.. would you like to try?

MGM Pakasi


I was gone for couple years, I miss updating my daily endeavor!! updating what I up to. 
I would like to start a new beginning. I know it's not too late yet to do something worthwhile. I am just hiding somewhere. 
I would like to update everyone that I am back and I am wishing that my friends can see and update my going.
My teaching load is not that heavy this summer though I teach five hours a day but it's just light because it's not major  courses. 
My life is  challenging, a lot of things to share. I also miss my friends here.
God bless you all and More power to all Bloggers.

MGM Pakasi