Monday, April 27, 2009

Keyboard Lesson

Clif, Walukcha and Pen

Saturday night we have had good time with our tutorial classes in their English lesson. Right after we taught them the parent of the kids asked my hubby what brand of the keyboard they are going to buy. My hubby told them to just buy the cheapest one, just only for practice and they can buy expensive later when they can play already. In our surprised when we went to their study room!! we saw a huge and nice Casio piano. We asked right away the mother why they got the expensive piano. She said because her husband want to learn also.. Hahahaha.. It sounds like my hubby is going to be busy! The father of the kids is also interested to study!!! Way back year 90s, I played keyboard but I have to use the keyboard of my Kuya Nemrod, I can't play to any other keyboard! sounds funny! Now i don't know if i can still play... My hubby started his keyboard lesson teaching with the two little kids students last Sunday. I went with him so I can also see and learn while he teach them. Well, I enjoyed watching them. The kids are very interested to learn, they're musician!!. While my hubby teach the older sister I tried to have had voice lesson to the younger one so she can sing and play. Isn't that fun? if you like to learn just give a buzz!! hahahaha... Keyboard lesson or Voice lesson!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tutorial and Witnessing

When I got home yesterday I felt so tired and wanted to sleep but I couldn't sleep. I did not go with him for our tutorial he went alone and teach the kids. I miss them but I have to rest once in a while.
I really thank God for this blessings He gave to us, This family is awesome and very nice people.
Daddy C.H.I. teach the two kids and I teach their mother. She is so nice and very accommodating. She loves to learn English, she owns a Wedding and Thai gowns and etc. You can rent fancy dresses, she also tailor and make dress.
I bought my bridal gown in her shop.
I and C.H.I love this family, we prayed for them that God will open door for us to share the salvation that God gave to us. My hubby told me we will always pray that we will be blessing to them and they can see Jesus in our heart.
Last Tuesday night I taught the kids about the Thai song I knew and they love it, now they want me to sing over and over again. I asked them to write down while I dictate the song so they can sing with me, the funny is sometimes they confused and can not understand the word that I say because maybe it's different tone!!! They asked me what is that mean teacher? I also don't really know if I am saying the right word!! Very funny!! until we finish the song and they sang with me. They enjoyed it very much.The Title of the song is "I Love to worship God". I thank God that through the song they can worship the Lord even they don't notice that they already worshipping God. I believe in my heart that God will do something special for this family. Their father and C.H.I is going to buy keyboard this Saturday so C.H.I can start teaching the kids of their keyboard lesson. My hubby is going to be busy!!!!..

Monday, April 20, 2009

"PAK TAI" Dinner

These are all the ingredients
This is how they cook.

I and C.H.I (Clif Hander Ivan) have tutorials every six o'clock to 7:3o. The kids just stay 5 -7 minutes walk from our house. Actually I just assist him, I also get bored at home alone. I like walking in the afternoon for my little exercise.
After we teach as we walked going back home, along the road he said he is little bit hungry. We went to his favourite shop where they cook "Pak Tai" it's a kind of Thai flat noodles. My hubby likes it very much. He eat a lot of this, he mixed with powdered chilli, eggs and some other ingredients which i don't know the names, and match with green leaves onion! Wow! to him but WEW! to me!!He can eat even everyday. He likes noodles maybe because he has chinnese blood running down to his body!!!!!But the mandaya girl likes unripe saba banana dunk in bagoong or gina (mos).
I don't really like noodles, I can eat but just a bit of it. But Pancit sotanghon! well, it's another story! We missed to eat that when we were in Philippines.
Finally, we had good dinner last night.Would you like some of PAK Tai?


Yeheyyyyyyyyy!! Gene thanks you not forget to tag me!! You are forever tagger to me!I love being tagged it means you are remembered!
Well, fave wedding songs? I have more than five but as in the rules only five!! Don't give more!

I will state here first the rules of the tag:

1. Choose five songs that fit the event of course, any artist and genre will do.

2. Tag other 5 bloggers.

3. Don't forget to let them know that you tagged them.

Here are the five weddings songs that I'd like to sing if someone is gonna invite me to sing, well, waiting for the wedding schedule of my friend in Malaysia (my sangay). She invited me to sing in her wedding as their singer but until now I don't have any news from her. She told me it was postponed! Well, so much for that. I would like to sing these songs or maybe just listen.

1. Arms of Love( Composer: ME " _" singer ME!!!)

2. Love Stronger(Composer Jun Dabalos, singer Cathy Maliza,

My sister in Law)
3. Love will Be our Home( Singer: Dina Maliza
My ate Dines!)
4. Our Love ( Maranatha Singers)

5. I will be Here (Composer Garry Valenciano,Singer:
Nemrod Maliza My Kuya)

I composed this Arms of Love last 1999, I love this song. You want to know the lyrics? Just let me know! ( Feeler!!!!)

I would really love this songs to be sang during my wedding but huhuhu!! nobody can sing! So I just put it as music background in my wedding video.

How about Ate Dines, Ate Eng, Mimi, Ate Jan, Lab can you share with us about your fave wedding songs?
Thanks if you could share with us.

Purse/ Bag Tag

Taken in my office desk.
My office desk.
When Gene was in our house last Sunday i asked her why my name did not appear when you tag your friends in Purse/Bag Tag? hehehehe she laugh and told me don't worry mommy I will write your name when I'm home, actually i was in hurry to write it so i missed your name! It was funny. but it's true I was really looking for my name because she used to tag me. Thank you Gene that you did not forget me when you got home.
Finally, here it goes the story of my purse and favourite bag. But before telling the story of my purse here are the ...."rules of the tag".

1. Post a picture of whatever bag you are carrying as of late. No, you can't go into your closet and pull out your favorite purse! We want to know what you carried today or the last time you left the house.

2. List how much it cost. And this is not to judge. This is for entertainment purposes only. So spill it. And if there is a story to go along with how you obtained it, we'd love to hear it.

3. Tag some chicks. And link back to this post so people know why the heck you're showing everyone your bag.

Rules should always be followed.Well,l I like simple but elegant (charlssss) bag or purse. I sometimes pair with my dress but sometimes it's just depend on my mood.
Well, this purse has sentimental value it was given by my Ate Dines when she just arrived from USA last January, We've met in Manila, when she took out all her "Pasalubong" to me I saw purses and she handed me the "Guess" purse which i really long for many many years, I thought it's her purse but when she said I bought it for you i felt like floating random! I gave her a big hug and thanking her for being so precious to her even I'm sometimes spoiled hehehehe! Well, I can't hide it that I really love this purse and I use this almost everyday when i go to work. But i don't use this when I just go shopping and go" Pai Teaw" I use my cheap purse but durable so whenever it lost I don't want be hurt much!! I am scared it I might lost it or it might be snatched.
This brown bag, I use now for a month, i don't know why, I just like it. It's 2 years already since I bought this. This is just ordinary no name at all!!!. I junked this bag since we moved to our new house, My hubby put all my bags in big sacks. The zipper of this was already taken out and already teared inside pocket. Last month I looked for my green little bag the one Ate Dines gift last year's birthday I like to match it with my green shorts and all greenish attire. I can't find it, now I found this bag and i couldn't just help I took it and try to fix the zipper. I asked my hubby to fix for me because it's very hard I couldn't believe I like it again. My hubby likes it too, I see it's cute. Since then i use it until now.

I wonder if
ate Dines,te Eng,Lab,Nona,Ate jan what purse or bag they are using now. Hope to know.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Close Friends Came

Gene prayed for me and for the food!

Te Eng, Me, Gene, Yheng @ d back
Gene busy making shake!!
Hyzyd the baby of Gene, Nona preggy also,Me, Gene and Yheng
I am grateful to God for His manifold blessings, I have another year that He extended. I thank the Lord for giving me friends who stick through thick and thin, in sickness and in health!!!Friends Loves at all times. They're all Filipino, they really make my day yesterday. I also thank God that they came to our house to celebrate with me on my birthday.
I prepared Filipino style dish and we enjoyed eating together. I had a great time yesterday. They came in the mid day and went back home in the evening. They also brought blender so we can have fruit shake. Gene did the mango shake, it was extremely delicious. You can never stop asking for more! We have so much much fun.
We watched movies, the girls did manicure and pedicure while watching. Our husbands were stocked in the computer. I thank God for BenJoy for fixing our lappy and teaching Daddy Clif how to take more extra care of the computer. He also taught him how to play game the three of them online! Well, well, that is their bonding!
I miss my family in the Philippines I thought of them, My Kuya Dan just greeted me, My ever loving sister ate Dines actually greeted me advance.
My hubby sang for me in a very early morning, prayed for me and our angel inside my womb.
Praise God for everything He has done in my life.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My first birthday gift!

My co- Thai teacher Joe went to Korea last first week of April, He is really nice and very friendly. He is a believer but only him in the family. He is actually family of Chinese and he was able to encounter God when he was in New Zealand taking up his Masteral degree. I don't have any idea who told him that it's gonna be my birthday tomorrow. He greeted me last Thursday and handed me his gift from Korea, he bought it there when he went for holiday I was so surprised and he told me he has to give me advance because he is going to England for a week and he might not be here tomorrow. I am really happy and appreciate his thoughtfulness. Thank God for thoughtful friends. It's my first gift. It's teddy bear! He uttered words of joke saying that " Hey Mary that's for your baby" I just smiled and thanking him for his generosity.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No extension

Yesterday afternoon my close Thai friend Golf called me that we are not included with the two days extension holiday because we are private University and only Public schools and public offices. Well, now i am here back to work I feel little dizzy and lazy I still want to sleep!But I don't have choice I have to be here for my job and duty. It's nice to have good rest at home, I substituted my hubby of his tutorial job for three days and at least he rested and do some other things. Anyway, I don't have to teach this week and the following week because it is our midterm exam so I just be here in the office while Thai instructors and some other foreign teachers have to invigilate their exams. Sometimes boring but i have some time to my listen my audio Bible study and listen my favourite music.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We have Songkhran Holiday and I thank God for this long break. I am able to rest and have sometime of my hubby and for myself I heard that our holiday is extended two daysI hope we are included because it seems only in Bangkok. If I work I see him only evening and weekends. Songkhran is Thai festival that they pour water to the people they call it blessing of water and put special powder on their face.When they pour or gun you with water they ask you politely, they are not rude. It's fun, in my first year here in Thailand i was able to experienced driving around the city and enjoying the water pouring out to me. They also put powder on my face. I was with my Mommy Vera and Comprendio Family they asked me to go with them so i can see how Thai people celebrate Songkhran. It was great experienced! It will be my first and last being wet for the whole day.
video taken last 2006 Hatyai City

My favourite fruit!

This late afternoon me and my hubby decided to go to our favorite market where we buy our stuff for cooking. As we were in the sidewalk vendors I saw our favorite fruit we call it "Tambis" I couldn't help I asked my hubby to get a kilo for me, he's amazed why i get a kilo it is more than enough but i said it's my favorite!! Actually, I and my ever loving ate Dines crazy about this fruit, every time i see this small reddish fruit i remember my ate dines. We had plant of this in the back yard of our house in Philippines. Our Paps knows that we like it very much. When we were still in grade school we always eat this together, we like to put vinegar and salt in it. Now my day is complete that i get this reddish Tambis fruit! Oh I love it!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Give all your worries and Anxieties to Him!!

Yesterday morning i can't understand my self, I felt like depressed and tired. I was not in the mood for the whole day. I started to open my audio Bible but it doesn't penetrate to my heart.
I just tried to surf internet and try to start writing my blogs but i couldn't start even a word, so I decided to just rest and lean on my pillow which i used for my seat.
It was a bad day for me, my hubby called me how i feel but i just told him i am fine, he said he just suddenly think about me while he was having his tutorial.
After school I went directly to him in his tutorial and helped him with the kids he was teaching. In our way home I looked very down and he asked me what is going on with me, I started tearing and said i don't know I just feel down and drained. He did not say anything. He kept quite until we reached home.
He just let me rest in our room while he prepared our dinner, I am very grateful to God for my ever loving husband, he is very calm and Godly person, while he was cooking he prayed and asked God for wisdom.
After he finished everything he called me to get down for our dinner, I ate few spoon of rice and small pieces of fish, i don't have appetite.
I went up to our room and changed my dress and went to the bathroom, i saw little blood spot. I was worried, and called him up and told him right away.
He asked me to come with him on the bed and start praying. I know he was very worried. We start praising God and prayed. He asked me to say a prayer and i start crying to God and pray. While i was worshiping and praising him, i was released with my depressed feeling and suddenly i felt something joy in my heart.
I really thank God for He always remind us to trust in Him in all our worries and anxieties. My hubby comforted me with God's word and prayed for me.
Thank God for whenever you ask and called His name He is always present and our help.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Filipino Couple Visited !

Early this morning just right after we finished preparing ourselves getting ready for our Sunday worship. Someone called me at the gate " Ate Grace!!" so I immediately ran to the lobby and see, there, i saw our Filipino friend couple came and I thought they have something needed from us or just (pai teaw), when i got down we started chatting and sharing God's wonderful works He did in our lives, this couple is very nice and respectful,they're also matured people.
As we talked more, they asked me if we plan to buy motorcycle, well, it is our desire but we don't have budget yet, they said just pray 'coz her husband is going back to Philippines for good, we start wondering how God lead them to us, but we told them we will talk about it and they give us in a very reasonable price. Thank God for this couple for touching their heart.
Before they left, the husband offered to accompany Clif to get his Thai license, well great morning. Before they left back home we prayed together and giving our praises to God, it was great time for us to share His goodness and love.
They said just pray for them that every Sunday evening they can join with our night worship, together with some of my Thai friends in University. God is really doing great and marvelous things. God is full of surprises.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Pose of our Kokoy

snapshots of Puppy ( Kokoy)

Just now Bee called me up again and our Kokoy went out again, he roamed around together with his friends. So we we decided to put screen on the hole of our gate so he can't go out anymore. Very wise Kokoy!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Was able to go out!

We were invited to a birthday dinner last night with our very closest friend, we went out our house at 6 last night.
Clif did not tie up Kokoy, he locked up the gate and there Kokoy was just sitting down when we left. We were in a little hurry coz we're already late. We had a very great dinner and had some fun. Only three families.
I spent time carrying Hyzyd coz i wanted to spend time with him because i seldom see him. I am so happy i was able to see my cute little Hyzyd, he grows up so quick!! Just 5 minutes before we say goodbyes to them Bee called me that Kokoy was able to go out and they saw him playing around with other puppies. He was able to get out from small hole in our gate, go through our neighbor, he was wise enough to get out from that little hole. Just right to call him Kokoy.

My Little Puppy ( KOKOY)

Monday afternoon when i just arrived from University my Filipino neighbor called me and asked me if i like puppy then i said yes even i never had a puppy since i was born and i don't know how to take care of puppy but i like very much.
Bee give me the puppy and he's so cute and super active, he is still young same age of my baby three months, he pooh and pee anywhere in our house so my hubby decided to tie him during night. I enjoy playing with Kokoy (puppy) and he has white thick hair. I learned to love him even he is little naughty.
My hubby have his morning routine, right after our devotional he go straight down and see how's the puppy doing. He clean his poo and pee and shower him, we bought him comb, shampoo, perfume and small hair dryer.
We decided to name him Kokoy because he is really clever and playful. He likes to be hugged, easy to teach, he can follow now when i say to him sit but of course he expect something, something to eat!!
My hubby start teaching him to fetch the ball and give back to him. It's fun to have something that you have to think of when you wake up and when you are not around with him. He is a very lovely puppy.