Saturday, April 18, 2009

My first birthday gift!

My co- Thai teacher Joe went to Korea last first week of April, He is really nice and very friendly. He is a believer but only him in the family. He is actually family of Chinese and he was able to encounter God when he was in New Zealand taking up his Masteral degree. I don't have any idea who told him that it's gonna be my birthday tomorrow. He greeted me last Thursday and handed me his gift from Korea, he bought it there when he went for holiday I was so surprised and he told me he has to give me advance because he is going to England for a week and he might not be here tomorrow. I am really happy and appreciate his thoughtfulness. Thank God for thoughtful friends. It's my first gift. It's teddy bear! He uttered words of joke saying that " Hey Mary that's for your baby" I just smiled and thanking him for his generosity.


JesuLalaine said...

hi grace!! kmusta? how many months preggy na diay ka? wow! congrats!! and advance happy birthday..wen diay imo bday? hahaha! ubay ubay sad akong pangutana da!haha!

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Genejosh said...

happy birthday!!! my, checkout my post about your bday...hope you like it and I give you a linky love so that other people can visit and greet you

Genejosh said...

my, i now tag u for the bag tag that i told you

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Genejosh said...

Got a tag for you:

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