Thursday, April 2, 2009

Was able to go out!

We were invited to a birthday dinner last night with our very closest friend, we went out our house at 6 last night.
Clif did not tie up Kokoy, he locked up the gate and there Kokoy was just sitting down when we left. We were in a little hurry coz we're already late. We had a very great dinner and had some fun. Only three families.
I spent time carrying Hyzyd coz i wanted to spend time with him because i seldom see him. I am so happy i was able to see my cute little Hyzyd, he grows up so quick!! Just 5 minutes before we say goodbyes to them Bee called me that Kokoy was able to go out and they saw him playing around with other puppies. He was able to get out from small hole in our gate, go through our neighbor, he was wise enough to get out from that little hole. Just right to call him Kokoy.

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Dines said...

kamamaw na ido... yakapangita sa gayud nan paagi.