Sunday, April 19, 2009

Close Friends Came

Gene prayed for me and for the food!

Te Eng, Me, Gene, Yheng @ d back
Gene busy making shake!!
Hyzyd the baby of Gene, Nona preggy also,Me, Gene and Yheng
I am grateful to God for His manifold blessings, I have another year that He extended. I thank the Lord for giving me friends who stick through thick and thin, in sickness and in health!!!Friends Loves at all times. They're all Filipino, they really make my day yesterday. I also thank God that they came to our house to celebrate with me on my birthday.
I prepared Filipino style dish and we enjoyed eating together. I had a great time yesterday. They came in the mid day and went back home in the evening. They also brought blender so we can have fruit shake. Gene did the mango shake, it was extremely delicious. You can never stop asking for more! We have so much much fun.
We watched movies, the girls did manicure and pedicure while watching. Our husbands were stocked in the computer. I thank God for BenJoy for fixing our lappy and teaching Daddy Clif how to take more extra care of the computer. He also taught him how to play game the three of them online! Well, well, that is their bonding!
I miss my family in the Philippines I thought of them, My Kuya Dan just greeted me, My ever loving sister ate Dines actually greeted me advance.
My hubby sang for me in a very early morning, prayed for me and our angel inside my womb.
Praise God for everything He has done in my life.


Genejosh said...

nice pics we have here...ate don't forget my tag for u ha about fave wedding songs...

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litlit said...

Wow...beautiful pictures and welcome Yheng!