Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We have Songkhran Holiday and I thank God for this long break. I am able to rest and have sometime of my hubby and for myself I heard that our holiday is extended two daysI hope we are included because it seems only in Bangkok. If I work I see him only evening and weekends. Songkhran is Thai festival that they pour water to the people they call it blessing of water and put special powder on their face.When they pour or gun you with water they ask you politely, they are not rude. It's fun, in my first year here in Thailand i was able to experienced driving around the city and enjoying the water pouring out to me. They also put powder on my face. I was with my Mommy Vera and Comprendio Family they asked me to go with them so i can see how Thai people celebrate Songkhran. It was great experienced! It will be my first and last being wet for the whole day.
video taken last 2006 Hatyai City

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Dines said...

tabang iton! kabibo sab baya.