Sunday, April 5, 2009

Filipino Couple Visited !

Early this morning just right after we finished preparing ourselves getting ready for our Sunday worship. Someone called me at the gate " Ate Grace!!" so I immediately ran to the lobby and see, there, i saw our Filipino friend couple came and I thought they have something needed from us or just (pai teaw), when i got down we started chatting and sharing God's wonderful works He did in our lives, this couple is very nice and respectful,they're also matured people.
As we talked more, they asked me if we plan to buy motorcycle, well, it is our desire but we don't have budget yet, they said just pray 'coz her husband is going back to Philippines for good, we start wondering how God lead them to us, but we told them we will talk about it and they give us in a very reasonable price. Thank God for this couple for touching their heart.
Before they left, the husband offered to accompany Clif to get his Thai license, well great morning. Before they left back home we prayed together and giving our praises to God, it was great time for us to share His goodness and love.
They said just pray for them that every Sunday evening they can join with our night worship, together with some of my Thai friends in University. God is really doing great and marvelous things. God is full of surprises.


Genejosh said...

this is great...PTL!

Mommy where's your yummy sunday entry? a tag for you about 100 truths..visit me..he..he

Genejosh said...

no.3 is age pala..thanks..been checked already