Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Little Puppy ( KOKOY)

Monday afternoon when i just arrived from University my Filipino neighbor called me and asked me if i like puppy then i said yes even i never had a puppy since i was born and i don't know how to take care of puppy but i like very much.
Bee give me the puppy and he's so cute and super active, he is still young same age of my baby three months, he pooh and pee anywhere in our house so my hubby decided to tie him during night. I enjoy playing with Kokoy (puppy) and he has white thick hair. I learned to love him even he is little naughty.
My hubby have his morning routine, right after our devotional he go straight down and see how's the puppy doing. He clean his poo and pee and shower him, we bought him comb, shampoo, perfume and small hair dryer.
We decided to name him Kokoy because he is really clever and playful. He likes to be hugged, easy to teach, he can follow now when i say to him sit but of course he expect something, something to eat!!
My hubby start teaching him to fetch the ball and give back to him. It's fun to have something that you have to think of when you wake up and when you are not around with him. He is a very lovely puppy.

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Dines said...

Kay way sa lagi imo pakabana sa ako mga puppies sa una! Ako da sa gayud taraw ang intresado sa mga ido. Tavangg. Na kuman magkabusy kamo iton. Na hala alagai pag dayaw.