Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tutorial and Witnessing

When I got home yesterday I felt so tired and wanted to sleep but I couldn't sleep. I did not go with him for our tutorial he went alone and teach the kids. I miss them but I have to rest once in a while.
I really thank God for this blessings He gave to us, This family is awesome and very nice people.
Daddy C.H.I. teach the two kids and I teach their mother. She is so nice and very accommodating. She loves to learn English, she owns a Wedding and Thai gowns and etc. You can rent fancy dresses, she also tailor and make dress.
I bought my bridal gown in her shop.
I and C.H.I love this family, we prayed for them that God will open door for us to share the salvation that God gave to us. My hubby told me we will always pray that we will be blessing to them and they can see Jesus in our heart.
Last Tuesday night I taught the kids about the Thai song I knew and they love it, now they want me to sing over and over again. I asked them to write down while I dictate the song so they can sing with me, the funny is sometimes they confused and can not understand the word that I say because maybe it's different tone!!! They asked me what is that mean teacher? I also don't really know if I am saying the right word!! Very funny!! until we finish the song and they sang with me. They enjoyed it very much.The Title of the song is "I Love to worship God". I thank God that through the song they can worship the Lord even they don't notice that they already worshipping God. I believe in my heart that God will do something special for this family. Their father and C.H.I is going to buy keyboard this Saturday so C.H.I can start teaching the kids of their keyboard lesson. My hubby is going to be busy!!!!..


Dines said...

That's great!!!

Genejosh said...

nice way of ministering ate...God bless you