Monday, April 20, 2009

"PAK TAI" Dinner

These are all the ingredients
This is how they cook.

I and C.H.I (Clif Hander Ivan) have tutorials every six o'clock to 7:3o. The kids just stay 5 -7 minutes walk from our house. Actually I just assist him, I also get bored at home alone. I like walking in the afternoon for my little exercise.
After we teach as we walked going back home, along the road he said he is little bit hungry. We went to his favourite shop where they cook "Pak Tai" it's a kind of Thai flat noodles. My hubby likes it very much. He eat a lot of this, he mixed with powdered chilli, eggs and some other ingredients which i don't know the names, and match with green leaves onion! Wow! to him but WEW! to me!!He can eat even everyday. He likes noodles maybe because he has chinnese blood running down to his body!!!!!But the mandaya girl likes unripe saba banana dunk in bagoong or gina (mos).
I don't really like noodles, I can eat but just a bit of it. But Pancit sotanghon! well, it's another story! We missed to eat that when we were in Philippines.
Finally, we had good dinner last night.Would you like some of PAK Tai?

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