Monday, April 20, 2009


Yeheyyyyyyyyy!! Gene thanks you not forget to tag me!! You are forever tagger to me!I love being tagged it means you are remembered!
Well, fave wedding songs? I have more than five but as in the rules only five!! Don't give more!

I will state here first the rules of the tag:

1. Choose five songs that fit the event of course, any artist and genre will do.

2. Tag other 5 bloggers.

3. Don't forget to let them know that you tagged them.

Here are the five weddings songs that I'd like to sing if someone is gonna invite me to sing, well, waiting for the wedding schedule of my friend in Malaysia (my sangay). She invited me to sing in her wedding as their singer but until now I don't have any news from her. She told me it was postponed! Well, so much for that. I would like to sing these songs or maybe just listen.

1. Arms of Love( Composer: ME " _" singer ME!!!)

2. Love Stronger(Composer Jun Dabalos, singer Cathy Maliza,

My sister in Law)
3. Love will Be our Home( Singer: Dina Maliza
My ate Dines!)
4. Our Love ( Maranatha Singers)

5. I will be Here (Composer Garry Valenciano,Singer:
Nemrod Maliza My Kuya)

I composed this Arms of Love last 1999, I love this song. You want to know the lyrics? Just let me know! ( Feeler!!!!)

I would really love this songs to be sang during my wedding but huhuhu!! nobody can sing! So I just put it as music background in my wedding video.

How about Ate Dines, Ate Eng, Mimi, Ate Jan, Lab can you share with us about your fave wedding songs?
Thanks if you could share with us.


Genejosh said...

oi mommy ishare sab ang lyrics sa imo composed na song....ok? sa imo sunod na post and what's the story behind kintahay...he..he....Nice choice of songs! love them...

Gigie said...

ganun gang? cute man sya heheheh ero historical!!