Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My favourite fruit!

This late afternoon me and my hubby decided to go to our favorite market where we buy our stuff for cooking. As we were in the sidewalk vendors I saw our favorite fruit we call it "Tambis" I couldn't help I asked my hubby to get a kilo for me, he's amazed why i get a kilo it is more than enough but i said it's my favorite!! Actually, I and my ever loving ate Dines crazy about this fruit, every time i see this small reddish fruit i remember my ate dines. We had plant of this in the back yard of our house in Philippines. Our Paps knows that we like it very much. When we were still in grade school we always eat this together, we like to put vinegar and salt in it. Now my day is complete that i get this reddish Tambis fruit! Oh I love it!!

1 comment:

Dines said...

ay kalami sab!!! pila na anhi ka anyos wara ako makakaon ug tambis!