Friday, October 15, 2010

Not At My Desk

I had a very great day yesterday. I started my day with walking to the market at 6:00 in the morning just wanted to buy some food for the week. Then, when I went to University, at 8:30 our head start calling us to go down to the sports complex. We wore jogging pants and pink shirt we thought we will do cleaning somewhere else because they said it was "HAPPY BIG CLEANING DAY AT HU" when we arrived there we saw they lined up and have music! Oh we will be having excercise! what a great day. We joined thier excercise or shall we say aerobics.It was very nice and had fun.
Firstly, we do stretching, secondly,slow movement of body then little by little we move faster and fster. At the end, we danced with very fast steps! I really had fun!
During lunch time all the DRIC staff went out for lunch for welcoming the new staff and farewell of our dearest American friend. So i don't have anytime to sit and relax and write. It was a great day.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I recieved message from my hubby he said that my Baby Gwynn had just Doctor's appointment because of her runny nose and cough, I am sure it is because she still adjusting the weather in Indonesia.
He also mentioned to me that Doctor's adviced to change her Enfalac milk to Soy milk because she has cow milk allergy. I never thought that there is soy milk formula! I am so ignorant! I was angry and confused what milk is it!!!I said to him why she has to drink soy milk? it's only for + two years. So immediately researched right away in the internet and here I found the Enfalac ProSoBee! from Soy I was so shocked! so I hurriedly informed him and to get this kind of milk.
Well, I went to the store nearbyhouse and bought one tin for her I will try this, I hope goodbye allergy!! I feel pitty on her because she always have allergy in her body and we can't get rid of it. So now, I just hope the doctor is right that it is because of the milk.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


OMG! I woke up so early I can't sleep, I miss my baby terribly! I can't wait to be with her! Since I am aready awake I decided to just cook for our breakfast. I enjoyed cooking! When I was cooking I start missing my MIL , she is a very good cook! She cooked for us very delicious indonesian food. I leant a lot from her. I keep on asking her what she did and what she use and etc. I want to learn more about cooking. I love it! I want to fill the stomach of my baby and hubby! filled with food and joy in thier heart.
three days more to go I will be in my trip! so excited to see the hometown and relatives of my hubby. Be back again!


My spirit is willing but my body is weak! I've been working hard last night preparing my second trip to Indonesia and after that I started writing my course syllabus for the next semester!
I will be travelling alone for this time I am sure I will be safe in God's hand.
Yesterday, I was really eager to write before the sun goes down but I am not finish with my LP yet we need to submit today. Being busy sometimes is a choice. I have much time before the due date but i waited the last minute which is not a good habit. I learnt that whenever i have free time to have do my paper works before the due time.
Well, I will be teaching courses next semester I'm pretty sure I will be busy then but I will still give time to my baby and hubby it's a matter of time managemant.
Folks, I still need to find my syllabus in Skills in Social Dancing I hope I can find it so i will not create again new one!
OH! M!G! it's not easy!!!! so long!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Folks it's been long time that I did not update my blogs it is because I've been busy for taking care of my daughter. Being a mother is very inspiring well this is not the one i mean that inspired.
Yesterday, I had chance to talked with my dearest Genebei who is a blogger for many years ago already. She inspired me to continue inspiring other people through my writings. I wasn't that sure if I can do but she said I can write whatever is in my heart.
Thanks so much Gene for the strong power to convinced me to do this. Now, I start my day by writing this.
Sometimes we seems to be busy and we don't have time to do important things. Before, I said to myself no more blogging but I do facebooking chatting in yahoo which is less chance to learning that's only for my own understanding. Sometimes chatting will consume all your time and you can not even remember that you are cooking something.
Folks just here by now thanks for inspiring me to continue my writing.
God bless you all!