Friday, October 15, 2010

Not At My Desk

I had a very great day yesterday. I started my day with walking to the market at 6:00 in the morning just wanted to buy some food for the week. Then, when I went to University, at 8:30 our head start calling us to go down to the sports complex. We wore jogging pants and pink shirt we thought we will do cleaning somewhere else because they said it was "HAPPY BIG CLEANING DAY AT HU" when we arrived there we saw they lined up and have music! Oh we will be having excercise! what a great day. We joined thier excercise or shall we say aerobics.It was very nice and had fun.
Firstly, we do stretching, secondly,slow movement of body then little by little we move faster and fster. At the end, we danced with very fast steps! I really had fun!
During lunch time all the DRIC staff went out for lunch for welcoming the new staff and farewell of our dearest American friend. So i don't have anytime to sit and relax and write. It was a great day.


Jan said...

hi gie, thanks for visiting my blog. i am going to put your link on my blog, too, yeah?


padayon sa blogging.

Gigie said...

Thanks ate Jan!