Tuesday, October 12, 2010


My spirit is willing but my body is weak! I've been working hard last night preparing my second trip to Indonesia and after that I started writing my course syllabus for the next semester!
I will be travelling alone for this time I am sure I will be safe in God's hand.
Yesterday, I was really eager to write before the sun goes down but I am not finish with my LP yet we need to submit today. Being busy sometimes is a choice. I have much time before the due date but i waited the last minute which is not a good habit. I learnt that whenever i have free time to have do my paper works before the due time.
Well, I will be teaching courses next semester I'm pretty sure I will be busy then but I will still give time to my baby and hubby it's a matter of time managemant.
Folks, I still need to find my syllabus in Skills in Social Dancing I hope I can find it so i will not create again new one!
OH! M!G! it's not easy!!!! so long!

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