Thursday, October 14, 2010


I recieved message from my hubby he said that my Baby Gwynn had just Doctor's appointment because of her runny nose and cough, I am sure it is because she still adjusting the weather in Indonesia.
He also mentioned to me that Doctor's adviced to change her Enfalac milk to Soy milk because she has cow milk allergy. I never thought that there is soy milk formula! I am so ignorant! I was angry and confused what milk is it!!!I said to him why she has to drink soy milk? it's only for + two years. So immediately researched right away in the internet and here I found the Enfalac ProSoBee! from Soy I was so shocked! so I hurriedly informed him and to get this kind of milk.
Well, I went to the store nearbyhouse and bought one tin for her I will try this, I hope goodbye allergy!! I feel pitty on her because she always have allergy in her body and we can't get rid of it. So now, I just hope the doctor is right that it is because of the milk.

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