Sunday, October 10, 2010


Folks it's been long time that I did not update my blogs it is because I've been busy for taking care of my daughter. Being a mother is very inspiring well this is not the one i mean that inspired.
Yesterday, I had chance to talked with my dearest Genebei who is a blogger for many years ago already. She inspired me to continue inspiring other people through my writings. I wasn't that sure if I can do but she said I can write whatever is in my heart.
Thanks so much Gene for the strong power to convinced me to do this. Now, I start my day by writing this.
Sometimes we seems to be busy and we don't have time to do important things. Before, I said to myself no more blogging but I do facebooking chatting in yahoo which is less chance to learning that's only for my own understanding. Sometimes chatting will consume all your time and you can not even remember that you are cooking something.
Folks just here by now thanks for inspiring me to continue my writing.
God bless you all!


Genejosh said...

this is a great start ate!!! welcome back...hope to read more from you:)

honey_nonz said...

..welcome back ate..

Gigie said...

Hi mga gang salamat nakabalik ra jud ko sa kadugay sa panahon! hinay2 lang hehehe! thanks friends!