Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Thanks so much to my family and friends who prayed for my pregnancy I have baby girl in my womb, I thank the Lord for this blessing He sent to us!
Now I can really feel the kicking and moving of my baby inside, it tickle me so much! but I enjoy feeling her. She is very active inside. Every time I teach she not stop moving maybe she is also learning with her mommy!!!
If her Daddy play Mozart music!!! suppose she is going to sleep but she is kicking and moving around my tummy! She is enjoying listening the music.
I am sure she is also music minded! As the blood goes through our family and our in laws.
When we have our devotional daddy will talk to her that she has to pray with us. We just want her to be used of what we do every night before going to bed and before getting up in the morning.
I only have one that friend told me that my baby is boy! Most of them baby girl because of this and that!! well, it was just a guess!! no one really knows.
But when we see her during ultrasound we both more excited in her coming. I'm so thankful to God that He bless my womb, the baby is healthy and normal. It's an amazing works of the Lord.


honey_nonz said...

Congrats ate.....arang jud na ka GIGI...heheheh

Me said...

how nice to know it...lovely...take care of your self...

Happy new year!

Carlota said...

Gi- can you add me in your YM if you don't mind. it's yarmnn1234@yahoo.com thanks.

Happy New Year and all the best in 2010.

Princess Sarah said...

ay wala naman ni na continue, what happened? busy si Mommy siguro...mwahhh!