Monday, June 29, 2009


Scenic Sunday

Our holiday in Singapore
Our way home to Thailand
Clif's pose with his umbrella ( very sensitive skin hmmmm!)
Grace left (Singaporean) ME middle(Filipino) Vita right(Taiwanese)

These poses taken during our holiday in Singapore. The country of Singapore is very clean and green surroundings, it's not actually big city but have huge buildings and one thing i like is not crowded.
Way back 2000 I was still in Philippines Manila I was really wishing and desiring to visit Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia etc.. or i could travel around Asia. That's my heart's desire and God is really good and wonderful. He will give the desires of our heart as long as we continue to delight ourselves to Him and obey Him,In all our ways we acknowledge Him and He will directs our paths.

2005 God granted little by little, I was able to come to Thailand by faith. God works in His mysterious ways He prepared a way for me and use people as an instrument so I could come and teach here in Hatyai University.
Well, just last year Me and My hubby went to Indonesia with our Mommy Vera ( my close friend since I've been here in Thailand).
January we went to Singapore and stayed with the family friend of my hubby.. we had a very good time there. After we spent a short time there we went to Philippines so my hubby could meet my family and had our reception party and also celebrating the 50th anniversary wedding of my Papa and Mama. It was great and I know that God will always show His bountiful graces to us. He will always do something new and far beyond our expectation.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I WON!!!

I was lazy this morning to open my lappy!! I'm sure I am exhausted for the whole week. I felt weak and just wanted to do nothing!! So i decided to open this evening to check my email!! Oh what a great surprise Madam Carlota
wrote in my comments and informed me that I won!! Oh I was so excited and I can't wait to see my beautiful and wonderful layout!!hahaha I'm sure soon!! hehehe!! Thank you so much Madam it really welcomes my day to a happy one!! It really made my day!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Memorable Day!

I couldn't help posting this memorable moment of my Papa and Mama, 50th Golden Anniversary last January at Insular Hotel Water Front Davao City ! every time I see all of our photos I can't stop dropping tears on my face! I know and feel that they're very grateful and happy reaching 50 years of their marriage. All of us had great joy in our heart to see them still together forever! We only see them again after after two years! I pray that God will give them more years to come.
We're four siblings Dan, Nemrod, Dina and Me!!

Rev. Manuel and Marie Maliza

Dan and Ruth Maliza

Nemrod and Katherine Maliza

Paul and Dina Martens

Clif and Mary Grace Pakasi

Scenic Sunday


I received an email yesterday from a very dearest friend, she sent me a very touching Poem about friend. I was so touched and blessed!
I never thought i could inspire her life like that!


Once in a while someone comes along,
someone who just naturally
makes everyone feel a little happier,
a little more alive to life.

You've been that someone to me,
You've given me a new prospective
on a lot of things including myself.

There are things you've said to me
I'll always remember and ways you've helped me
I'll never forget.
The times we spend together
are always good times that leave me looking
forward to the next time.

So thanks for being the wonderful person you are.
You're an inspiration to me and
I'm very glad and grateful that you are my friend.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Oh! he loves french fries! The celebration is not complete with out it!! hahahaha
Mushroom,Corn and Potato soup!
Beef Steak, vegetable salad with fried rice.
Salmon spaghetti!
Mashed Potato with creamy tuna, cheese sauce.

Right after the service we went to Santa Fe to have our lunch!! Anyway just a little treat to my hubby for father's day! once in a while! take note all p
otato hahaha! he likes potato and tuna so i just let him choose what he likes becuase it's his day!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Obviously I'm confused of my template i keep on changing and changing it! i guess i am not satisfied of the color or the design or may be i really don't know what color i like!!
Well, just for the meantime i am using this greenish color! it's also cool to the eyes!
It takes me hours to fix my confusing design hahahaha!!! My hubby teased me!" What really you like to do? you spent hours there in computer but still nothing final!! when is really the final? (with matching LOL)hahaha!!
Our work will reflects our personality! I am not actually organize person! I admit my one and only loving sis she is the most organize person i've ever known! My hubby is well organize than me, so he just keep on fixing my dis organize stuff! and sometimes my decision making! but i try my best by the help of our almighty God to be an organize woman, mother and wife.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Couple of nights now that I struggled to sleep, I'm sure it has to do with my pregnancy. I am 22 weeks and 1 day preggy and praise God for His sustaining grace and provision.
Last Friday night, I couldn't sleep well it was because I was too excited to know the gender of our baby in the following day.
I got up early on Saturday to prepare myself going to the Hospital for my ultrasound. My hubby was also excited and woke up early to prepare our breakfast.
At exactly 9 o'clock we were there waiting for our turn. Oh!! my gosh! I was waiting for an hour before I got into the ultrasound room. It was pathetic!! that was my first time at that hospital that kept me waiting for that long.. Anyway, I was there inside and I asked the Doctor if I could let my hubby see our baby too and hear the beat of the heart!! He was so happy to be with me inside the room. I could see the excitement and full of enthusiasm in his eyes.
So the Doctor explained everything and thank God that the baby is very fine and have normal heartbeat. She couldn't see anything wrong inside.
I can't wait to know if it's a boy or girl, then the Dr. tried to identify!! I whisper to my baby please! please! hahaha !!!baby open you legs hahahahahaha... Dr said I couldn't see his penis!! Well so it's girl? I quickly answered back but she said not sure hahahaha!!! very funny!!!
Finally, she concluded that she couldn't identify the gender! maybe in the next ultrasound because she said the two legs are still very close to each other and hopefully in the seventh month we will know.
Sigh!!!! but still thank God, we know that God still forming the baby inside my womb and we know that God will give what is best for us. No matter girl or boy give thanks to the Lord!


Oh..friends! I got money back today! Finally, the bank can find the thieve and return money for me. However, everybody should be careful to use online banking. Please have a good antivirus and update everyday. Be careful spyware...With loves..from Pinky ***********Thank you Bank West, Australia********

I got this message from my very good friend in Australia, she is Thai but she passed this message to me so we will be aware of online banking. Yes,,,,, it's true many people who are expert of this. Even in withdrawing at ATM machine make sure nobody sees you pressing your pin code. They are very clever. I heard news that those people also put up recording so whenever you press any number they can record and they can determine what number you press. So just be careful.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Under renovation hahahaha

Hi guys i am editing my blogs! sorry i will be here as soon as i finish. Just need some more time. I am not expert with this editing. Have a nice day to all.