Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Oh..friends! I got money back today! Finally, the bank can find the thieve and return money for me. However, everybody should be careful to use online banking. Please have a good antivirus and update everyday. Be careful spyware...With loves..from Pinky ***********Thank you Bank West, Australia********

I got this message from my very good friend in Australia, she is Thai but she passed this message to me so we will be aware of online banking. Yes,,,,, it's true many people who are expert of this. Even in withdrawing at ATM machine make sure nobody sees you pressing your pin code. They are very clever. I heard news that those people also put up recording so whenever you press any number they can record and they can determine what number you press. So just be careful.

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JesuLalaine said...

Hi grace!! maypa ka na buntit..sexy lng gihapon..heheh!:) kmusta na?