Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Couple of nights now that I struggled to sleep, I'm sure it has to do with my pregnancy. I am 22 weeks and 1 day preggy and praise God for His sustaining grace and provision.
Last Friday night, I couldn't sleep well it was because I was too excited to know the gender of our baby in the following day.
I got up early on Saturday to prepare myself going to the Hospital for my ultrasound. My hubby was also excited and woke up early to prepare our breakfast.
At exactly 9 o'clock we were there waiting for our turn. Oh!! my gosh! I was waiting for an hour before I got into the ultrasound room. It was pathetic!! that was my first time at that hospital that kept me waiting for that long.. Anyway, I was there inside and I asked the Doctor if I could let my hubby see our baby too and hear the beat of the heart!! He was so happy to be with me inside the room. I could see the excitement and full of enthusiasm in his eyes.
So the Doctor explained everything and thank God that the baby is very fine and have normal heartbeat. She couldn't see anything wrong inside.
I can't wait to know if it's a boy or girl, then the Dr. tried to identify!! I whisper to my baby please! please! hahaha !!!baby open you legs hahahahahaha... Dr said I couldn't see his penis!! Well so it's girl? I quickly answered back but she said not sure hahahaha!!! very funny!!!
Finally, she concluded that she couldn't identify the gender! maybe in the next ultrasound because she said the two legs are still very close to each other and hopefully in the seventh month we will know.
Sigh!!!! but still thank God, we know that God still forming the baby inside my womb and we know that God will give what is best for us. No matter girl or boy give thanks to the Lord!


Dines said...

toinks! girl diay na kay nagpakipot man... hehe.

Gigie said...

yasipog bagan!! well, utrohon da bagan sa august!

Genejosh said...

oi my parehas baja kay Nonz...basin girl..he..he..daghan na dajon mga gwafa apil nako...he..he...

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