Friday, June 19, 2009


Obviously I'm confused of my template i keep on changing and changing it! i guess i am not satisfied of the color or the design or may be i really don't know what color i like!!
Well, just for the meantime i am using this greenish color! it's also cool to the eyes!
It takes me hours to fix my confusing design hahahaha!!! My hubby teased me!" What really you like to do? you spent hours there in computer but still nothing final!! when is really the final? (with matching LOL)hahaha!!
Our work will reflects our personality! I am not actually organize person! I admit my one and only loving sis she is the most organize person i've ever known! My hubby is well organize than me, so he just keep on fixing my dis organize stuff! and sometimes my decision making! but i try my best by the help of our almighty God to be an organize woman, mother and wife.

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bettyl said...

It's fun to change your blog, but there are just too many options!