Monday, June 29, 2009


Scenic Sunday

Our holiday in Singapore
Our way home to Thailand
Clif's pose with his umbrella ( very sensitive skin hmmmm!)
Grace left (Singaporean) ME middle(Filipino) Vita right(Taiwanese)

These poses taken during our holiday in Singapore. The country of Singapore is very clean and green surroundings, it's not actually big city but have huge buildings and one thing i like is not crowded.
Way back 2000 I was still in Philippines Manila I was really wishing and desiring to visit Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia etc.. or i could travel around Asia. That's my heart's desire and God is really good and wonderful. He will give the desires of our heart as long as we continue to delight ourselves to Him and obey Him,In all our ways we acknowledge Him and He will directs our paths.

2005 God granted little by little, I was able to come to Thailand by faith. God works in His mysterious ways He prepared a way for me and use people as an instrument so I could come and teach here in Hatyai University.
Well, just last year Me and My hubby went to Indonesia with our Mommy Vera ( my close friend since I've been here in Thailand).
January we went to Singapore and stayed with the family friend of my hubby.. we had a very good time there. After we spent a short time there we went to Philippines so my hubby could meet my family and had our reception party and also celebrating the 50th anniversary wedding of my Papa and Mama. It was great and I know that God will always show His bountiful graces to us. He will always do something new and far beyond our expectation.

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