Monday, June 22, 2009

Memorable Day!

I couldn't help posting this memorable moment of my Papa and Mama, 50th Golden Anniversary last January at Insular Hotel Water Front Davao City ! every time I see all of our photos I can't stop dropping tears on my face! I know and feel that they're very grateful and happy reaching 50 years of their marriage. All of us had great joy in our heart to see them still together forever! We only see them again after after two years! I pray that God will give them more years to come.
We're four siblings Dan, Nemrod, Dina and Me!!

Rev. Manuel and Marie Maliza

Dan and Ruth Maliza

Nemrod and Katherine Maliza

Paul and Dina Martens

Clif and Mary Grace Pakasi

Scenic Sunday


Genejosh said...

so memorable..

about the Phuket post my dreams lang muna's a paid post so i gotta make up something...see the "support my sponsor badge"..that's the culprit of the post...LOLZ!

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carlota said...

Great fotos!

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