Monday, June 22, 2009


I received an email yesterday from a very dearest friend, she sent me a very touching Poem about friend. I was so touched and blessed!
I never thought i could inspire her life like that!


Once in a while someone comes along,
someone who just naturally
makes everyone feel a little happier,
a little more alive to life.

You've been that someone to me,
You've given me a new prospective
on a lot of things including myself.

There are things you've said to me
I'll always remember and ways you've helped me
I'll never forget.
The times we spend together
are always good times that leave me looking
forward to the next time.

So thanks for being the wonderful person you are.
You're an inspiration to me and
I'm very glad and grateful that you are my friend.


Genejosh said...

how sweet...

Our Adventures Together/
Her and History

Genejosh said...

my yahoo account was hacked since monday and it's sending "i need ur help messages..have u received an email from it?

Our Adventures Together/
Her and History