Tuesday, October 12, 2010


OMG! I woke up so early I can't sleep, I miss my baby terribly! I can't wait to be with her! Since I am aready awake I decided to just cook for our breakfast. I enjoyed cooking! When I was cooking I start missing my MIL , she is a very good cook! She cooked for us very delicious indonesian food. I leant a lot from her. I keep on asking her what she did and what she use and etc. I want to learn more about cooking. I love it! I want to fill the stomach of my baby and hubby! filled with food and joy in thier heart.
three days more to go I will be in my trip! so excited to see the hometown and relatives of my hubby. Be back again!


Genejosh said...

God bless sa imo trip pohon ate:)

good ..1 post a day!!! bravo!!!

Gigie said...

Hi gang salmat sa pag sunod! hehehe inspiring me