Sunday, May 3, 2009

Registration of Voting

This morning I opened my friendster account.haaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!for quiet sometime I did not update my friendster account I a little busy taking care of my baby inside my womb!! I read a bulletin posted by one of our Filipino friend that in May 8 and 9 this year there will be a Sportsfest at Had Kaew Resort. To all Filipino who are interested to join you can prepare 750 for the accommodation and 180 for the buffet dinner and at the same time there will be representative that will be coming from the embassy Bangkok to organize the registration of voting. I just wondering if you are willing to go and register. If you are Filipino and staying here in South Thailand maybe you can come and register. I am not sure if I can go there but just let you informed. I'm not sure who is responsible for the registration for this event, but if you are interested just let me know I will contact personally the one that posted the info. If you want to vote next year's election don't waste this opportunity to register.

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