Monday, July 13, 2009


Apple Shake

After I went out from the hospital I look so haggard and look very sick! I stayed in our room for three days. My hubby doesn't like me to do anything. But I got bored so I asked him to take a walk to a near by Saloon where I used to go for my hair treatment and whatever !! I wanted to have trim because my hair look so untidy.
Well, suddenly I decided to cut it little longer so that I will feel fresh. I quickly looked up at the magazine and find a hairstyle that suit to my face!!! Oh it takes me half an hour !!!I couldn't find any!! so I asked the beautician to just cut whatever she think nice for me. Finally, here is my new hairstyle, for quiet sometime I did not have this short shaggy hair, well I like it I feel my head so light and convenient even I will not comb my hair it's manageable.
My hubby told me that I look young, hahahaha!!well he likes it. But when we reached at home he said I can make it long again after I give birth!!!!!obviously men really like woman who has long hair.

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Genejosh said...

gwapahers ba sa buntit! iI love it!!! I agree men do like long hair...