Saturday, July 11, 2009


Award from TeJan
A friendship Chain that will not be broken from TeJan

Award from TeJan

Friends love at all times!
Thanks to TeJan for sharing this awards. It is really a nice feeling that someone share awards I did not know that there are people think about me. I really thank you for considering me as your new found friend and a friend forever. God loves you!!

I would like to share these awards to Gene,Princess Sara, Nona , FAYE, Miss you all!!! God Speed!!!


teJan said...

hey dear.., thanks for posting these awards! of course you deserve it! take care always and godbless!

Genejosh said...

oi ate thanks for the awards this pag may time ako...Kumustamos? Take care

Genejosh said...

Hi Check it HERE. I've posted the award you gave me..thanks a lot!!!!

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