Sunday, July 19, 2009

Craving SWENSENS!!!!

SWENSENS a Place of Ice Cream! Seven months now that I couldn't eat ice cream, shake, soft drinks and cold water. After church yesterday in our way home it was so hot and humid! My skin is just like pinched by the sun!! It was extremely hot.
So I decided to go to Diana to cool down my self !! I don't like to use our aircon at home to save electricity!!! hahaha( stingy!!) When we were at Diana we looked around, we window shopped for our baby stuff and then we went to look for showing movies but we don't really watch movie!! just curiosity!! Nothing really interesting movies!!
After we walked around I wanted to sit and rest for a while so went to third floor again to find seats there.
While we sat down and talked I suddenly remembered my discount card at Swensens given by my student last year who used to work at Swensens. OH!! I told my hubby how about if we sit at swensens? He was surprised when I showed to him my discount card!! where did you get that? so we went to swensens and luckily they have very nice promo and only 49 and we can discount about 20 so wow it's good!! I was really glad to have had ice cream but my hubby warned me just only for today no more next!! only after you give birth!! But he really don't know how I crave for ice cream!!
Friends if you like to have ice cream at Swensens you can use my card!Just let me know!


Princess Sarah said...

I missed that too, pero di pa pwede kasi may tonisilitis pa ako...
Thanks for the visit, God bless.

Nagpagupit ka pala, kailan ba tayo maka face to face, tagal na ano?

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Mukhang ang sarap nyan, ah. :)
I just had ice cream few hours ago. :)

Genejosh said...

lamia ba uroy...panghatag my...

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Bailey Baretto said...

mmmm.. :) i crave for sweets all the time. But my all time favorite is ice cream :D