Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cheer Him UP!!

I sang ducky ducky quack!!!
Peace tayo!!
More Peace!!!

Yesterday afternoon my hubby was exhausted of the household chores. He also cooked lunch for me and sent to my workplace. I knew he was very busy at home but i just wanted to eat of his cooking!!!hahahah!! Manja!!!

When I got home, I noticed that he was really tired. I tried to asked him if he can make apple shake. Well, without any complain he went to the shop and bought milk and ice. While he went out I started preparing all the necessary stuff for cooking for our dinner.
When he arrived I told him I will cook and he said well,well!! I will cook the rice... So while he was peeling the apples I was also peeling the potatoes and slicing the green beans. Then after we had set everything. I cooked and he was watching over me.. I want to make him laugh to let his tiredness gone I told funny stories and telling him our experiences when we were still young, we had fun with my Kuya Nem and ate Dines!! so much fun! many to mention!! I did funny actions and he took pictures of me hahaha!!!He enjoyed watching me!! I made him LOL He told me why you are funny buntis??? hahahaha!!!I just laugh.


Genejosh said...

kagara sa buntis oi...lipayay adto si baby kanta sab ng quack2x...

Dines said...

haha... mamawers sa gayud gihapon... garaers... gwapa sa kaw na buntis... babae galing yaon.

teJan said...

so sweet of u gie.., whay you did was great! they absolutely need it! heeh

btw, you look so pretty buntis;) Godbless!

carlota said...

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