Wednesday, March 25, 2009

With Pdt Johan and Wife, Mommy Vera, Mama Betsy
GPDi Church with some relatives

Pdt. Johan and Pdt. Clif
The General Consul and her deputy Ivan

Mid of October 2008 , we had a very good time in Manado Indonesia, I was able to meet the family, relatives and Christian friends of my hubby. We spent only couple of weeks there but it's worth.
We went to Manado City and visited the consulate for some papers purposes, we met the very approachable General Consul and staffs they are very accommodating and helpful especially in helping to process our papers. We invited them to attend our reception party in the following day. In our surprised they came, all of them and spent time with us for almost the whole night, we had very good time together. I appreciated so much for their presence. According to Madam it was first time that a Filipino invited them for a wedding party, so they came to show support as Filipino family. Manado Salawesi is a very beautiful city with Christian environment. As we tour around the whole city I noticed that the churches there are huge, as in huge!!! It's amazing and the churches are just next to each other. I saw also at the top of the mountain facing the whole city there is a big statue of Jesus and the hands covering the whole City. It is very wonderful. We were busy every night visiting relatives. C and I had nightly speaking engagement. Youth night and adult fellowship, we were so busy of the minsitry, we don't have time for oursleves but in any case we were busy for the work of the Lord. Sunday service C gave the sermon and I was amazed! well, It was my first time to see and heard him on the stage preaching. I almost fell on my chair, I saw him real P. I thought it was only a dream to see my hubby in the Pulpit preaching, well, i am a blessed woman. The next Sunday we were not able to attend the service because we have to leave for Thailand, I miss them so much new family, friends and relatives. They are very nice people.

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