Friday, June 27, 2008


I've been so blessed to find a church that really provided a ministry for me for three years now. I love our pastor and his wife. They are always there to support and give me pastoral care. They also started a ministry just for me to lead- the worship with tambourine dancing. In addition, they also give me chances to lead the worship at church from time to time. God has been so good for placing me in ministries that I feel called to. Recently, I've started going with one of my Filipino co-workers at church teaching English as an outreach in the small villages around Hatyai. We do this to create an evangelism opportunity.

My pastor and his wife

My Filipino co-workers and friends at our church. Just enjoying the fresh air at the beach.

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Dines said...

Buotan kaayog nawong imong pastor ug iyang asawa. I'm glad that you got to meet them when you first arrived in Thailand. Iregards nalang kang Engs.