Friday, June 27, 2008

Ajarn Mary

I had never been called Mary until I was employed as part of the teaching staff at Hatyai University three years ago. Here is the story... When I introduced myself as Grace to my students, they started calling me "Ajarn Grit!" They just simply couldn't pronounce my name well. Something in their vocal faculties that makes them mispronounce most of the English words. I couldn't tolerate being called "Grit" instead of Grace. So I made a decision to use the other half of my name which is Mary. And there you go... they could pronounce it well. So now, I am known as Mary in the university. By the way, the picture on top is the logo of our international college which I am a part of.

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Dines said...

Oh, how I miss teaching at a university. This story also made me look back to the time when I was teaching in an international college in Mongolia. I had the time of my life, bisan lisud!